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Dried husks and seeds of sea buckthorn fruit

Sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn seed and skin flour


As the juice is not preserved in any way, it can only be produced to order for a precise delivery date.

Packed in 10 kg jerry cans.
Must be consumed within three days from the date of production.

These are the dried pomace after juicing .
It contains a large amount of sea buckthorn oil (15-20%).

Packed in bags of about 15 kg.

We prepare

These are mechanically crushed dried pomace after juicing. It contains a large amount of sea buckthorn oil (15-20%).
Suitable as an ingredient for dough, macerate and tea.

Sea Buckthorn concentrate

Rather than a concentrate, this product should be labelled as a 'coating', but current legislation does not allow this. This unique product is made by cold concentrating the juice squeezed from the sea buckthorn fruit until it is solid.

For gastronomy only
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