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Sea buckthorn for
Your health

We offer you products
from sea buckthorn of the highest quality.

We process optimally ripe fruits, which we harvest ourselves in our orchard and freeze immediately.
We consistently discard fruit that does not meet our expectations.
of maximum quality.

All our actions are aimed at ensuring that nature
harm to nature as little as possible.


kotva o nas

How it all came about

In the spring of 2009, the first hectare of the Leikora variety was planted with the aim of supplying fruit on branches to the freezers. The next four years were spent cultivating the plot and its surroundings. We were then able to expand our orchard and build freezing technology, including building our own machinery for the subsequent processing of our products. 


We take care of our orchards without the use of chemicals, harvesting the fruit in the most gentle way - by hand. We take care,
that the fruit is optimally ripe. Post-processing takes the form of quality control and immediate freezing. The fruit is stripped of all impurities, including leaves and twigs. The aim of our efforts over several years has been to obtain unique products on the European market - sea buckthorn concentrate in honey and sea buckthorn syrup, which you will find in our offer. On the Czech market you will not find similar products with such a high content of sea buckthorn.


In the Products category you can find out more. We will be glad if you taste it too!

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